Software Your Data May Come Into Contact With 

When using this website it will be essential for us to share certain categories of our customer information database in order to successfully fulfil orders and provide faster payment transactions. This document encloses where your information may be shared with a service in order to complete an order. Below you will find what information we may share with each third party.

  1. The Type Of Data Being Shared
  2. Who the Data is Being Shared With
  3. Why the Data Needs To Be Shared
  4. Links to the Third Party’s Privacy policy documents

Payment Providers

When a payment is made on using one of our designated payment options, we will pass the following customer information onto our payment provider(s). 

  1. Customer Billing/Delivery Address
  2. Customer Name
  3. Customer Email Address
  4. Customer Telephone Number
  5. Order Total

Courier & Returns Companies

Once an order has been placed on and the payment has been processed successfully, the order will be processed and dispatched for shipping to one of our chosen couriers. Once an order has been dispatched by Arcadant, the chosen courier will receive the following information: Ordered Product(s), Customer Delivery Address, Customer Name, Customer Email and Customer Telephone Number. Passing this information directly to our couriers ensures that after dispatch, delivery can happen in a timely manner. 

Web Analytics Tools 

To aid in the continual report and analysis of Arcadant as an online web store we may run the following third part scripts on our website. These scripts are to record and monitor data regarding customer data and interactions with the website.  We may run the following scripts on Arcadant:

When using these scripts may record the following types of anonymous data:

  • User Location
  • User Age / Age Range
  • User Device Type
  • User IP Address
  • Search Terms Used To Find The Website
  • Pages Used To Enter / Exit The Website
  • Referral Websites Used To Reach The Website
  • Page Metrics (time on page/number of pages visited)

When a successful purchase has been made we send Google Analytics the following information about our products and the order to contribute to our e-commerce tracking: Order ID, Total Order Value, Ordered Product SKU(s), Product Name(s), Product Category(s), and Product Price. To see more information on how this data is used with Analytics, please see Google’s Privacy Policy.

Social Media Conversion Trackers

We may use a third-party script in order to record conversions information from customer referrals from one of our linked social media platforms. While this information is anonymous the following information will be passed to us: Order ID, Total Order Value, Ordered Product SKU(s), Product Name(s), Product Category(s), and Product Price.  We may use the following types of social media conversion trackers:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram

Additional Software

MaxMind: We use this service to perform MinFraud fraud screenings during the customer transaction process. This information is used to screen the transaction for fraud, and to calculate a fraud score. We use this information to avoid chargebacks or sending goods which have been purchased fraudulently.

During a transaction the following information will be sent to MaxMind:

  • Device Information
  • IP Address
  • User Agent
  • Language
  • Session ID
  • Transaction ID
  • Unique Customer ID
  • Billing / Shipping address
  • Payment Method
  • Order Value
  • Success / Failure status of the Transaction.

This service returns a report to use that details the results of a fraud check. This data provided is analysed to indicate whether the information is true or false. MaxMind can store this data to ensure the information provided by us is both valid and aligns with the details that is received from other clients of this service. More information can be found on the MaxMind website here

Infusionsoft by Keap:  Infusionsoft is our CRM email marketing system. We use this system for our promotional emails latest news updates. Customers have the option to opt-in and opt-out of this mailing list at any time. The following data held by Infusionsoft is for marketing purposes only and can be removed on request:

  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Last Name
  • Country Of Purchase
  • Tags indicating products purchased
  • Date Of Last Purchase

Opt-Out Software

If you do not wish to have your browsing sessions tracked on our website or other websites that use tracking codes for software like Google Analytics, you can Install the following browse extension: